Rideshare Month 2020 Commuter Team Challenge  Jan. 1 to May 31, 2100

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Team NameConfirmed
Fuel Saved
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Logging Trips
Team Size Group5 To 10
Orbitz70.0 %
RideShark Team50.0 %
Team Size Group < 5
testteam19724669,58494,6884268,3950.0 %
Team 221854,8901971001,9620.0 %
The Best Carpool29844320,019214060.0 %
Goby215449010,898122440.0 %
test991214834620,434163190.0 %
Going Farthest18736860.0 %
Cold Tea on a Summer Day44854,5804790.0 %
Fall 2019 bike challenge10.0 %
Goby110.0 %
Goby23310.0 %
myTeam May1310.0 %
test21910.0 %
test2510.0 %
testteam2710.0 %
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Challenge Instructions / Rules

Welcome to the Commuter Challenge! The challenges highlight and encourage healthy and green travel modes: transit, bike, walk, carpool/vanpool or even teleworking!

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up or register to create an account
  • Join your workplace or department’s team – if one doesn’t exist yet, create one!
  • Log your sustainable trips daily.
  • Watch your individual team standings rise while using a healthy way to travel!

The fine print:

  • Team registration closes when the challenge ends.
    No new teams or team members will be accepted after the final date of the challenge
  • The challenge period is posted on the main page.
  • Your individual and team standings will be reset after the completion of a challenge.
  • Once trip-tracking for a challenge is closed the winning teams will be recognized.
  • Teams are ranked according to participation rate: this number is a weighted formula accounting for:
    • the total employees at the workplace (as reported by the team leader who started the team)
    • the number of registered teammates
    • The number of eligible trips logged during the challenge
    • Any bonus points you may have accumulated for new referrals, user actions or trips logged.
    • A winning team will have the highest participation rate in their category. Ties are possible.
  • Any rewards offered are to be accepted as provided. The Commuter Challenge does not warranty or replace rewards. Rewards have no cash value. 

Challenge FAQ

Q: Does it cost anything to participate?
A: No, it’s absolutely free to participate. Just sign up, start a team or join an existing one.

Q: How does it work?
A: You can participate in Employer Challenges with just two easy steps: either be a team Leader by creating a team for your company or join a team that’s already started and is looking for additional members

  • Sign the team up during the registration period for the challenge. All team members must be registered by the final day of the registration period.
  • Start logging your green and healthy commutes on our interactive Trip Tracker! beginning on the start date of the employer challenge period.

Q: How does my company win?
A: Companies compete with other companies based on their size and category. A company wins if it has the highest participation rate in its category during the challenge time-frame. The participation rate is a weighted formula that accounts for a company's size, it's number of participants in a challenge, and the number of eligible trips logged during the challenge time frame. Runners-up are also recognized. So be sure that all of your team members are logging their commutes!

Q: What does my team get for winning?
A: Public recognition and the self-satisfaction of being part of a healthy and green workplace!

Q: What’s in the Commuter Challenge me?
A: A chance to try something new and fun that could save you lots of money and stress!